Friday, July 16, 2010

Minivan Love

So finally we are on vacay! This is our first summer with a minivan. My hubs has been wanting one for years and I have always vehemently refused to consider getting one of these. Now, I can't even imagine going back to a wagon or sedan. We have so much stuff packed I here I can't even believe it. Suitcases, beach gear, 2 bikes, 2 scooters, linens, food, toys, dog, and the cat!

I also love that the boys have so much leg room a d they love being able to see out the big windows with the built in sun shade.

I like the heated leather seats and honestly with kids leather is a must so you can just wipe spills away. That's what I told hubs...

Hoping for great beach weather. I sure hope I haven't forgotten anything important!

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For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

totally agree! And the sliding doors that don't fly open and hit neighboring cars is so valuable with kids that are verging on opening doors on their own. And the 30 cupholders...I swear you could live in a mini van for a week!

Enjoy your vacation!

Shell said...

I love my mini-van!

Have fun on your vacation!

Kelly said...

Have a super great vacation !!!!!

kisatrtle said...

happy vacation. What kind of van did you get. My Ford is near death and I need to get another one.

Crazed Mama said...

Girl I love my mini more then my hubby some days! Have a great trip...we leave next week!