Friday, July 30, 2010

I have to start over...completely.

I guess I have officially failed. I'm at the end of my two week beach vacation and when I get home the party is over, so-to-speak. I originally started out on this weight loss journey because I was so unhappy with my physical appearance. I still am but I think that alone is not enough to motivate me to change enough to lose the weight.

I'm doing some reflection on what has worked and what hasn't...

I'll be back and I'm always reading your blogs because they are truly inspiring.

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Fat Girl vs. World said...

I'm just gonna come out and say that mine is the most inspiring :P

the thing is this--you can't lose weight just b/c you want to look good. What about you doesn't feel like your body matches your mind and heart....

start there... what does your mind/heart want to do that your body can't?