Thursday, July 29, 2010

Feels Like Home

Hubs and I have had countless conversations about moving here...this place on the bay of Virginia Beach. I really want to live here. I love it here. My boys love it here.

I want it so much but Hubs has a good job which I know I should be feeling thankful for but now would be a great time to take a chance and start a new life in a new place before the boys get much older.

Three more days and then it's back to the grind. Back to my dirty house and the piles of laundry. Back to my long commute and back to work. Why does this depress me so? I love my home, I just wish it was here, laundry and all!

Here's a photo of the boys after another long day at Busch Gardens. We stayed to watch the Fireworks at closing and they were AMAZING! Muffin was immediately asleep when they ended.


kisatrtle said...

tell hubby to follow his heart and not his head and see if he still has the same answer.

Danifred said...

Sometimes you just have to take the leap!!!!

Farmers Wifey said...

I really love that photo!!