Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sleep Already!

OK. I'm super pissed. I need MORE sleep and by MORE sleep I mean MORE sleep in the morning. MORE sleep later in the morning. Everyday I go to work and I have to be out of the house by 6:30/6:45 AM.

This morning I was awakened by...

5:00 AM: My 5 year old wanting to crawl in bed with me. I gave him 5 minutes and took him back to his own bed.

5:30 AM: Meowing and scratching sounds. I get out of bed again and go downstairs to look for the cat. I actually find her upstairs locked in the office. Did I mention how painful it is to actually walk down the stairs since doing the 30 Day Shred Video?

6:00 AM: I hear the dog peeing in his crate, since it's right next to my bed. Super. As I go to take him outside, Puck, my 5 year old, comes out of his room playing his DS and I'm wondering how long he has been awake??? Puck takes the dog downstairs for me. I crawl back in bed again. Keep in mind I have not had one minute of sleep since before 5 AM.

6:07 AM: Puck and Neo come back to my room to inform me that Neo went Poop AND Pee! Whoo Freakin Hoo.

I guess I'll get up now. Hubs is like, "Are you mad?" (since he is staying in bed) as I'm huffing and puffing about having to get up way too early. No I'm not mad. I'm exhausted. I'm exhausted and we have a T-Ball game at 9:00 AM and then I have to work 8+ hours at a Dance Studio photographing 100's of little dancers in rapid succession and then I have to do it all over again on Sunday; and NO this is not for my business so I'm not making any extra cash, just giving up my weekend.

Enjoy the photos...this is what I which I was doing.


Rebecca said...

I love the "are you mad" question from Hubs...duh.

Susan Tipton said...

I sooooo feel for you! I hope the dancers aren't too wiggly and giggly to photograph quickly.

Miss. Candy said...

I hope you get some GOOD sleep soon!! My six year old does the same thing about 5am a few times a week!