Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Learn Something New Everyday

It's so important to learn something new everyday. If you don't, you will certainly be left behind.

When I started out as a professional photographer 10 years ago for a high-volume school photography company, we shot film, rolls and rolls of 35mm and 120mm film.

When I started out 10 years ago, Photoshop didn't exist. I remember making the transition to digital from film and all of us dragged our feet and moaned and complained about it. It was like suddenly everything I knew went out the window. The instant feedback ability along with the fact that digital sensors are way more sensitive to light then traditional film, was enought to put me over the edge while working on location in a fast paced environment with 100's of preschoolers to get through in 3 hours or less. For the first time behind the camera my equipment was getting all my attention and the subject took a back seat, for a little bit. I didn't like being distracted by the new technolgy but eventually the learning curve leveled out. Now, I can never imagine going back.

Now, my next big hurdle is editing. I currently use Apple's Aperture 2 and have been very happy with it. Photoshop, though, is always looming over me. It's the industry standard and it feels like anyone under the age of 28 knows it as well as Microsoft Word was to my generation. It's frustrating and intimidating.

Today I start my very first online Photoshop CS4 class. I am very excited to learn this program that I have been hiding from for so long. Given where I am in life and career, now is the time if I plan to take my little shop to the next level!

Wish me luck!

What do you want to learn that you have been putting off until later?


Jenny said...

Way to go..i have always wanted to learn photoshop as well. But what I really have been wanting to do is take a baking class...

Tezzie said...

Awesome! Good luck...I'll bet you end up loving it :D

And, you should totally link this post to the Communal Global 'Today', since the theme this week is 'What I've learned' :D (you can link through my blog, as well, if that's easier!)

Life with Kaishon said...

Well! I love your pictures in your side bar so if you edited those with your old software WAY TO GO! I wonder if what you have works perfectly if you have to learn photoshop? Interesting to think about. So very excited you joined us for Tuesdays around the world! How fun!

and PS GOOD FOR YOU learning something new! You inspired me. Love, Becky with elements... : )

Angela said...

Oh I wish I knew how to use photoshop properly! ...Instead of just hitting the action buttons

Danifred said...

Have fun and good luck.
Personally, I'd like to give my brain a rest for a little while.

Tezzie said...

I'm so glad you joined us this week! Thanks for 'linking' :D Have a great day!