Friday, May 21, 2010

I got Towed!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! First of all nothing ticks me off more then that. Ok...the story...

Yesterday, a co-worker and I (my full time job)planned to spend the day visiting some of our clients and wishing them a great summer. We were at the office as usual around 7:30 AM to get our office work completed since we would be out of othe office for the rest of the day.

Just after 10:00 AM we drove our cars several miles away to a local Shopping center, the kind with little restaurants and a big name grocery store. We decided to leave my car there and take hers since it was a midway point between her house and the interstate that would take me hom. We were gone for less than 4 hours. We pulled in and my car was gone.

Initially I thought my 2010 car must be stolen! I hadn't parked illegally or done anything wrong. Or so I thought. The grocery store gave me the number of the towing company and said the leasing company that runs the shopping center tows. When I walked back out you can see a few small signs that say No Commuter or Overnight Parking. Was I doing that?

I call the Tow Co. They had my car. I said, "But why I didn't do anything wrong?"

then she says..."We show here that at 10:25 you got out of your car wearing black and got into another red car and left the parking lot."

"What?...." (that's me dumbfounded) Someone was watching me? I had no idea that I couldn't park there and then leave. If I even thought towing was a remote possiblilty I obviously wouldn't have left my car there. I am a complete rule follower when it comes to things like that.

Turns out it's $110 dollars to get my car back. (Insert favorite explicative here.)My co-worker takes me over to the tow lot. The lady at the desk is more then happy to take my money and as I had it over and say, "You know this is stealing, I didn't do anything wrong.", she smiles.

Grrrrr....I can feel my blood pressure rising by the second. I go get my car, ready to get out of that horrible place and notice 3 light are stuck on in the dashboard. The Parking Break Light, the ABS Warning Light, and the Stabilizer Light.


I go back into the office to see the less than eager to help professional towing counter lady and ask her to write a note on my receipt stating that the dash lights are stuck on.

I had a clear and reasonable reason to ask for this so that if it turns out they screwed up my car I have some recourse as to who is responsible.

She says, "I'm not writing anything."

I say, "I'm not leaving until I get documentation about the condition of my car when I picked it up."

She's getting pretty upitty now and I'm pretty sure my head is bobbing the way it does when I get angry. She insists that she's not doing anything and that I can call the owner later and hands me his card. Yeah, like he'll own up to it afer I take my car out of his lot.

I say, "Well fine, I'm going to call the police."
She says, "Go, ahead, they aren't going to do anything this is a civil matter."
(I take it she knows more then she should about how the police operate." Anyway, I demand repeatedly for documentation.

She gets an attitude now, "I'm not writting anything on your reciept! I'm not a mechanic, I'm not a manager, I'm not a driver, I just release the cars."

I say, "And that's all you'll ever be." and I grab my receipt and walk out.

As I'm walking away she says, "Just pull outta here with your attitiude, BITCH!"

She called me a Bitch! Wow.

I'm pretty hot and pissed off at this point. I go sit out in my car and start making phone calls. She came out and took a smoke break right in front of my car. Maybe she thought I was calling the police, which I was, because the owner showed up just like that.

He was as nice as could be. Explained why the lights were probably on and that they usually clear after you drive the car for a couple of miles. He asked if he could drive it and 5 miniutes later he was back and the lights were off:) He wrote me the statement I asked for anyway and assured me that they stand by their service and I should call him back if I have anymore trouble with the lights.

That is all I needed! How hard was that?

I feel bad for insulting the lady but she knows nothing about customer service. I had after all just handed her $110.00 cash.


*Jess* said...

You totally did the right thing! But I'm so sorry you had to go through that :(

T said...


Customer service is becoming a lost art.

Danifred said...

What a super, super sucky situation. Sorry.

Jenny said... rude. I would have done the same thing. What kind of shopping center tows after 4 hours? What a joke. Hope you have a better weekend!