Saturday, March 27, 2010

Super Saturday

Wow, I'm tired. Today seemed so long and so busy. Puck had his first T-Ball Practice of the season. I was so impressed with how much more focused and attentive he was. A big change since last season. I have to give credit to the TKD he has been taking. He was like a different kid. I was so proud. I didn't take one photo...told you I was taking the weekend off! When we all got back to the new Mini-Van we all realized our shoes were caked and covered in we took off our shoes to save our new mats...I wonder how long that will last, hahahah!

Lunch out at a very crowded Red Robin and a trip to the sporting goods store for a well deserved first pair of real cleats. I totally can't wait to see him all dressed up in his new uniform:)

Home to play outside and then an impromptu dinner invitation from some great neighbors. Oh yeah, and Coconut Cream Pie...Mmmm....pie.....

Boys to bed, empty load dishwasher, sweep, fold laundry, wine...

Yep Exhausted!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. What did you do?


Danifred said...

Sounds like a very fun day! I've been quite productive over here, including party favors, loads and loads and loads of laundry, errands and dinner out. I'm just excited to have a few days off next week!

Rebecca said...

I can only imagine the whole fam taking their shoes off.

Today? Spin class, Home Depot, naptime (i.e. nothing), sushi for my birthday, presents, cake, watch children run around like escaped convicts, put them to bed, pour generous glass of wine in my birthday glass, try to learn my new camera, read blogs...ahh...relaxing!

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

Charley will get his first pair of cleats and attempt soccer this spring too...but we don't start until April.

I ate too much pizza and birthday cake at my nieces birthday today. I will start writing down what I eat on Monday!

Hope you enjoyed your glass of wine. I had a honeyweiss!

T said...

Wow! busy day!
Nothing productive here but reading and some!

Lindsay said...

Glad you had such a great weekend : ) So exciting about the T-Ball! I can't wait till Ryan's old enough to do stuff like that.

This weekend we went and saw the Easter Bunny! It was tons of fun : )