Thursday, February 25, 2010

How can I be tired? I'M A MOM!!!

I'm so tired.

I was so exhausted last night that I didn't even feel like reading blogs. I spent an hour and a half working on my photog business. Editing and ordering prints and ordering various business stationary items.

We went to bed early.

I had 9 hours of sleep. I woke up even more exhausted. The kind of exahusted that makes one misjudge the opening to the bathroom door and slam your shoulder on the jam on the way in. I have the huge noticeable bags under my eyes. How do I make those go away and where in the hell did they come from?

I felt so sleepy when sitting in traffic I thought how it would feel so good to just pull over and nap in the car.

Hubs called and asked how I was and when I said I was tired he couldn't believe how that was possible.

This got me thinking...what are the possible reasons that I could be tired besides being sick which he was worried about.

*I'm a mom.

*I commute about 2 hours a day.

*I leave the house around 6:30 AM.

*I have 2 kids.

*The laundry is never done.

*The housekeeping duties are unrelenting. (Dishwasher, Toys, Coffee Making, Pet Care, Vacuuming, Bathrooms, Organization, Keeping Clutter at bay, picking up shoes...I could go on and on as all moms know.

*Most mornings I would rather sleep for 10 extra minutes then get up and take a shower.

*The temperature at work has been uncomfortable...meaning I am mistreated and underapreciated on a daily basis.

*I take both kids to TKD twice a week meaning I have to fight and chase Muffin aroud the whole time so that Hubs can go to the gym. Which I really want him to be able to do. I enjoy being able to help him out in this way. (He cooks every night for me.)

I know this must sound like I am complaining...I'm not. I'm just tired. Maybe mom-tired is the new rested.


Shell said...

That does sound exhausting. I don't work and I can barely function.

Crazed Mama said...

I would always rather sleep an extra 10 min and not shower...shower's are over rated anyway...sleep is not!

Daisygirl said...

haha mom tired better not be the new rested or I am in big big trouble!

Do you ever sometimes wonder how you got from here to there in the car? I tend to nap while driving I think...I know its terrible, but seriously sometimes I can't remember how I got from one place to the other so fast! Ill blame it on the mom-tired syndrome!

Rebecca said...

Complain away! That's why we blog, right? I was at tutoring last night and someone said, "Rebecca, you look so tired" and it took all the strength not to say, "yeah? So does your wardrobe!"

I have taken a vow never to tell someone they look may think you're expressing concern, but you're really telling them that they look like caca!

Ellemes said...

I always feel tired now matter how much I try to sleep it never feels like enough. Even on weekends if I take a nap with my Roo I still feel tired...too much to do and it's never ending.

I think its partly because my job is not physical, just mentally tiring, so I'm never the good tired, just always mentally wore out tired.

Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

I keep thinking the sleep deprivation will get better or that I will get used to it, and it doesn't and I don't think I ever will. I sometimes wonder how I don't fall asleep at red lights!

(And just out of curiousity, have you considered talking to your doctor about a different medication? I often find that my problems with sleep - or lack thereof, can be blamed on my meds and the time of the day that I take them.)

Danifred said...

I think I am perpetually tired and I blame 89% of it on my kids.

TheOneTrueSue said...

I think my body is so used to sleep deprivation that it doesn't know how to handle itself when I get a full eight hours. (Which happens, let's see - oh, that's right - NEVER.)

Chelle said...

I'm exhausted--and looking at your list I can see how you are exhausted! I blame mine on, well, myself. Lol!

Hope you feel refreshed tomorrow sweetie!


JoeyRes said...

The 2 hour commute sounds grueling! I hope get feeling better - I don't think you can ever adjust to lusting after a nap in the car.

JoAnna Williams said...

I could never be a commuter I could never wake up before 7am. Hell I don't even like waking up to take the kindgergarten baby born in the gravy to school by 9am.

JoAnna Williams said...

Oh And it's sounds werid but the best thing I have found for the bags under my eyes is stuff called Liquid Virgin. It can be found at adult stores and even though it is meant for other places I use it on my eye bags, it's like a face lift in a tube.

Lindsay said...

The temperature at work has been uncomfortable...meaning I am mistreated and underapreciated on a daily basis. - No good : ( I am glad that you are so determined to get your photography business up and running. We are all cheering for you while you do it too!

I have the same problem with always being tired but I have thyroid problems and think that is why. But it seems like the more sleep I get the more tired I am in the morning. Weird.

Masala Chica said...

there is nothing like "mommy tired" - its constant and it build on itself - having one night of good night's rest does absolutely NOTHING to fix the weariness that comes with the exhaustion of the responsibility, the being pulled in twenty directions and all the other fun stuff.
rewarding? yes.
exhausting? abso-freaking-lutely! Thanks for stopping by today - I'm a new follower.