Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Combining Craziness

Lately I have been all over the map. Blog-wise, I removed my original mom blog and changed the URL to another blogger account to allow for a little more anonymity. The I hoped over to WordPress…impossible I might add. I missed my HTML. What is CSS anyway? I have my professional photography blog and a weight loss blog. I love blogging but spreading myself too thin is ruining the experience for me. I am under construction once again and hoping for a cute new design too, once I can get the layout the way I want it.
Life has been crazy with my kids out of school for over 2 weeks now. They need to go back to school as much for my sanity as for theirs. Trapped in the house with only a limited number of toys, games, and DVD’s is getting to all of us.
Instead of taking advantage of the ample time away from work and pushing forward with my photography business, weight loss goals, and the laundry, I’m sorry to say I have accomplished almost nothing. Laziness begets laziness, at least for me.
More to come…alot more to come as I continue on my adventure as a mom, wife, friend, and photographer.
So I hope you keep coming back and reading these words while I get everything squared away.
Why a blog. When I started blogging in October I thought it was to share the story of my life with other moms going through the same things I am. I love it for that reason but it’s also serving a very therapeutic purpose for me too. I love to share my triumphs and my failure, my excitement and my disappointment with woman who have been there and understand where I am coming from.


Stepping On Cheerios said...

Comments Fixed:)

Chrystal said...

I had my family blog that I linked everyone too. My husband read it one day and was like no way take it down. He showed me how some pics showed our street name and all. Opps on my part. So I made that private just for family. Now I have my photo blog and weight loss blog too. It is a lot to keep up with. Good luck!

Eternal Lizdom said...

I'll keep coming back- I just found you so you aren't allowed to stop now! I'm hooked!