Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snoop Dog, I mean Boys!

Just for fun and to make you laugh!


Erica said...

i love your boys curly hair! i tried to leave a comment on your photography blog but it wouldn't let me :( but those pictures made me want to go to the beach! :)

oh and thanks for stopping by my photo blog. to get the couch in the field we just had the dad (from the shoot) and his brother move it from their house out to the field (which was right in front of their house, that's the view from their front yard). so it was so easy for me, i had the guys do it! haha

Coupon Clippin' Mommy said...

That's cute. I think my son would probably do the same thing!

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Juno Mom said...

So cute!!!!

namaste said...

OMG, So cute. Love this.

Thanks for coming by to visit my blog and I appreciate the wonderful comment. It was truly an amazing journey and I'm so happy to be the person I am today!

Lindsay said...

So cute : ) My little one always dances in the car too and I just love seeing him do it. One of the things I will remember once he has grown up.