Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Many Faces of Muffin

As a mom and a photographer I am obsessed with my kids faces. I take TONS of pix of their faces and the closer up the better. It doesn't take much to inspire me to start clicking are just a few I shot this morning....You may be wondering what is inspiring about a tot eating a pancake (yes on the couch while watching TV, that's another post)? Well Cade doesn't eat much. Somedays we wonder how he is sustaining seems cheerios and drinkable yogurt are keeping him alive. Lately he has been eating better, 3 of these pancakes went down the hatch so quick I couldn't stop snapping!


Alicia said...

omg he is adorable!! his hair is too cute! it totally reminds me of my middle boy when he was a baby.

Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

I love his hair! And yeah for finding something he was more than willing to eat!

Lindsay said...

Oh I am so hungry for pancakes and am drooling over these pictures (because of the pancake and how cute your son is) : )

But do you have any tips for getting good shots of your kids? Ryan is in the stage where every time I pull out my camera he runs away! Or he wants to sit in my lap and look what to see what the camera sees.

So frustrating!