Friday, December 25, 2009

My Christmas Top 10

1. My dad slept over Christmas Eve so he could be here to see the magic that is Christmas morning with the boys.
2. I got to climb in bed and snuggle with my son and my dad at the same time and laugh all together.
3. My step mom is AMAZING!
4. I didn't have to cook dinner!
5. Baked gingerbread cookies and Magic Cookie Bars with Blake.
6. Watched "Christmas Vacation" with my dad and got to hear him laugh that deep belly laugh, that is contagious and makes you laugh too!
7. Shared one of my favorite childhood books with my son!
8. Ate Magic Cookie Bars.
9. Drank Wine Christmas Eve and Mimosa's Christmas Morning!
10. Cade reminded me that one gift is enough. He didn't even open one gift, just played with the Train set that Santa left set-up for him...
Extra 11...No Drama!!!!!!! :)


Colleen said...

Merry Christmas! What sweet pictures of your boys and your dad. My dad laughs at Christmas vacation too, it's fun to watch him while he watches it.

Danifred said...

So happy everything went wonderfully! Merry Christmas!

Lindsay said...

I love that movie! The sledding part is hilarious! It's sweet for your dad to spend the night so he can be there for your kids in the morning : ) They probably loved it just as much as he did.