Monday, November 2, 2009

Love & Kisses

This is a big week. We're just coming off our sugar high from Halloween and we had to drop off my husband at the airport this morning for a business trip to Boston. The boys were champs at getting up early...getting Cade dressed though was like a battle to the death. He likes to keep those P.J.'s on for as long as possible. You would have thought putting a pair of jeans on this kid at 6:30AM was a Mission Impossible! Anyway, I won of coarse! There was no traffic so we were home with 30 minutes to spare before school. No traffic I guess because everyone has the Swine Flu...

Wednesday is Blake's 5th Birthday! I can hardly believe it. I'll never forget the first moment I saw him...he was such a big baby I think I was shocked at how big he looked, 9lbs, 10oz. I was huge too! So tomorrow night I'll be making birthday cupcakes for my big guy. We have planned a big party for him but it's not until the 15th so I can't let the real day go un-celebrated:)

I always thought I would have girls, but boys it was. I love my boys so much. They keep me going though thick and thin. My youngest Cade has started talking so much lately. He is such a great kid. I took this video of him giving kisses....I love getting kisses from my babies:)

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