Saturday, October 17, 2009

Quality Time

I had the best day with my boys despite the fact that we were all under with the Flu. I have to give thanks to my husband who got up early with the boys and let me sleep in until 10:00am! I don't think I've slept that late since Blake was born! The boys were so happy to see me when I finally made it downstairs. They were feeling good from their doses of Children's Motrin, good stuff by the way!

We spent so much time snuggling together and I enjoyed every minute. We had popcorn for breakfast and watched The Incredibles. We baked cookies (the break n' bake kind). We played Candy Land, Go Fish, and completed an Alphabet Puzzle. Cade took a long nap but Blake and I were wide awake so we snuggled and giggled under the covers together:) We camped out on the couch and watched, "Annie" and Blake actually liked it. Before I knew it...bedtime had arrived. Blake was starting to wilt and was so sleepy that he went to sleep first. Cade was a fire cracker and so he stayed up for an extra hour. I never ever get alone time like that with Cade. We watched Baby Einstein and he ate 5 mini microwave pancakes (an unbelievable amount of food for this kid). I looked at his sweet smile and his beautiful blonde curls and thought how lucky I am to be his mom.

Today was a good day. We spent some real quality time together, no distractions like housework, shopping, T-Ball, chores, was just us. Makes me realize how important it really is to just stop once and awhile and get down on the floor and play cars, or help with a puzzle or sit on the couch and watch "Cars" for the 100th time just because they love it and because I love them.

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