Monday, October 5, 2009

A Mother's Love

I never appreciated how hard being a mom really is until I became one. Having a child is the single most selfless act I can think of. You sacrifice your body, your career, and sometimes even your dignity. You become an entirely different person regardless of past experiences you are simply, a mother above all else. Being a mom in this century is even more challenging. I was raised to be a modern woman, to be independent, to get a college education, to have a career. Now that my babies are here I have come to realize that you can't be great at everything no matter how hard you try. Often I feel like a mediocre mom and a mediocre employee. I work full-time which I find both a joy and a hardship. If nothing else I know what it feels like to be pulled in multiple directions. In the end a mom sacrifices herself so that her children can become anything they want to be. Mothering is often a thankless job, changing diapers, feeding, wiping up spit up, cleaning floors, bathing, clothing, and on and on. Mothering is sometimes the most amazing job in the whole world like when your 2 year old lights up at the sight of you and says, "Hi Momma!", with the biggest grin on his face or when you get dressed for work and walk out of the bathroom and your 4 year old says, "Beautiful Mommy!" Children catch you off guard and often when you are exhausted they say or do something that makes it all worth while. I hope I raise happy and confident boys that grow into happy and confident men. I hope they always know how much I love them. As a mom I learn something new about them and myself every single day.

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