Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Confession of a Mommy...

OK, here goes...I hate the playground. There, I said it, I hate the playground. Oh, I said it twice. I'm not exactly sure why, various reasons I suppose but honestly, it is one of the last places I like taking my kids.

When they were younger I hated it because danger seemed to lurk around every corner, sharp edge, and/or drop off. I mean just about every playground I've been to has at least one section that is wide open and 15 feet off the ground and just waiting for a recklace 3 year old to fall backward right over the edge. Have these playground designers heard of broken bones, not to mention head trauma, I mean seriously. I spent the first 3 years climbing after my sons as if I too was 3 years old. Those tunnels at McDonalds...yeah, I've been up there too and you DO NOT want to see how gross they are inside.

Now that the boys are older and much more independent I can actually sit on the bench and watch but that means I now have to watch out for the safety of other children with mine on the loose. Today for example I see my little one on the 4-way see-saw with 2 older kids. My Cade doesn't want the other boys to rock the see-saw so he discreetly reaches over and pinches the boy 2 years his senior. To the untrained, coffee-toting, mom all is well on the see-saw, but I know better...By the way, I'm not chatting with those moms because it's always in that minute that I miss something I shouldn't have or end up not knowing who really threw mulch first so I usually end up sitting there by myself...

Maybe I should just relax. Maybe next time I'll take a cup of coffee:)

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