Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Change - A New Place to Call Home

We've moved!  After struggling for 2 or 3 years about where we should move to (like the beach) we ended up staying in DC.  I can't say I'm happy about that part and I was really ready to leave this place behind but I am truly happy with our new home and the fact that it's a single family house.  No more parking lots and mailbox kiosks for us!  I love that I have my own mailbox now with one of those little flag thingies on it:)  The boys seem to like it so far and since we are still in our old neighborhood, not too many changes for them to deal with.  So far they are loving the big backyard and 15' trampoline.

Most of the boxes are unpacked and I've managed to even repaint the boys rooms to make them feel like "their" rooms.  Muffin's was lavender so you know that had to go!  I hope to share our progress as it goes along.

You can see the lavender on the right wall.

All done!  We've since had new carpet installed as well:)

I guess my next home will be at the beach.  Fingers crossed!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Surrounded by Chaos

Having boys means that I am constantly surrounded my chaos.

These 2 never stop moving, jumping, yelling, playing, fighting, laughing, eating, and generally making a mess.  Sometimes I feel like whenever I have to take them both to the store or to a restaurant that everyone is looking at us.  The energy level is just so freakin' high.  I crave quiet.  When they finally fall asleep at night it's like a huge accomplishment.

They are completely oblivious to how others around them view their behavior in public.  Half the time they are playing some game that only the 2 of them understand.  I dread having to run errands with them and find myself going out of my way to get things done while I am alone.  Getting them to go in the first place without a million complaints and me pleading for them to get there shoes on...

Get you shoes on...
Get your shoes on now...
Get your shoes on now PLEASE!!!!

Get in the car...
Get in the car...
Get in the car on your side!
Don't lock your brother out!

Get out of the car...
Get our of the car please...
Stop playing, get out of the car NOW!

I love my boys but it's truly exhausting to be raising 2 non-stop boys.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Back-to-School Countdown

I'm ready for the boys to return to school.  I love summer and everything that comes along with my favorite season but I crave predictability.  They crave it too, they just don't know it.  I need them to return to being on a schedule.  Also, less brain frying with video games too.  As a working parent it's also just easier and more affordable when they are in school for 8 hours a day.  The juggling of who's got my kids and when and where is exhausting, especially when the husband is traveling, which is about 40% of the time.

Puck is going into 4th grade.  I can hardly believe it.  I get glimpses of what he will be like as a teenager...
Puck: 9 Years Old

Muffin is going into 2nd grade.  We are still dealing with his eye issues but the treatment is working.   He has such a good heart...
Muffin: 7 Years Old

We are halfway through our 2 week vacation in our favorite little beach place.  Still hoping that Virginia Beach is someday my home but we've opened up Richmond as an option.  Leaving DC is our top priority.  It's been a great place to grow up but it's so competitive and fast paced.  The traffic is slowly killing me.  I hate it.  I think we could all use a slower pace of life and change is good for the soul.